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Football Killers Game

Football Killers Game is here, so get ready for a game unlike any other! You compete for survival as you join the virtual arena, in addition to goals and glory. It is your responsibility to accurately and expertly knock out the players on the other team, the officials, and even the referees themselves, as they are all fair participants. You will release a lethal orb with every shot that can wreak havoc on your adversaries. However, use caution, as the referee has no authority, and you will have to use cunning to avoid him.

The obstacles will get harder as you go through the stages, so you'll need to get really good at timing and accuracy. To become the perfect soccer assassin, you must eliminate your opponents and earn points, but the thrill of triumph will make it all worthwhile. Are you prepared to let your inner murderer loose on the pitch?

How To Play

  • To aim, click and swipe the mouse; to shoot, release it.

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