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Stick Basketball

You can play with stick figures in the straightforward yet entertaining basketball game known as Stick Basketball. Three game styles are available in the game: Single matches, where you may quickly play a match for practice, and Tournaments, where you compete to win the title. In 21 points, you must be the first player to reach 21 points. You can control your character using the keyboard by pressing various keys to run, rob, throw, or pass the ball. To get a lot of points, you can also throw the ball far. A real man is stronger than any of these stick figures, so show them that by competing with them in their own home! They are highly skilled at these things, so if you give them a chance to identify your weakness, they won't avoid you, making this task difficult. Don't do it!

How To Play

  • The arrows, A and D.

Does basketball interest you? If so, Jump Ball Jam game is right up your alley. It's a lot of fun to try your hand at shooting from a variety of range and vantage points in this game. Do it now!

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