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Enter the exciting world of CapsuleMatch and get immersed! Two players compete against one another in this thrilling game of skill and strategy. Each player must select a side and use the E and O keys to control their capsule, as they represent the opposing forces of blue and red capsules. Tossing the white ball into the opposing team's court or making it leap out of the court behind their area is a straightforward but difficult goal.

There is extra pressure in every game because the first player to reach five goals wins. You will have to outmaneuver your opponents, predict their actions, and plan ahead several stages in this high-stakes combat. Will you prevail, or will your adversary outsmart you? You will be on the edge of your seat the entire time, so start playing now.

How To Play

To control the left player, press or tap left. To control the player on the right, press either right or O.

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