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Puppet Soccer: Zoo

Whistles and cheers from the audience greet you as you take the field and get ready to lead your side to victory in Puppet Soccer: Zoo. This isn't your typical soccer match, though, as the players are animated animal puppets with huge heads and strange personalities rather than real people. Greetings from the realm of thrilling games where fun and soccer collide!

Choosing from more than 100 animal puppets, each with unique talents and powers, will give you lots of alternatives to assemble your ideal squad. But exercise caution—these charming and cute puppets are also tough rivals in the field. Puppets featuring lions, pandas, penguins, and sloths are available for many types of performances.

To develop each player's abilities and strategies, you'll need to coach them one-on-one in addition to selecting the best players. Would you like a striker with extreme quickness? A midfield player with accurate ball-passing skills? Does the goalie have incredible reflexes? In this game, anything can happen.

Not only that, but you can also get unique abilities like chewing gum, ice, slime, plaster, super kick power, large springs, or speed during bouts. levels to offer your group a stronger edge. But exercise caution—your rivals may also utilize them!

You'll accomplish goals, take home championships, and rise to the top. But having fun is just as important as winning! See your animal puppets pull off amazing feats and antics on the field, including foul shots and rabona shots. And remember to push your players to their utmost while supporting your squad with a wave of Mexican zeal!

You may play this game in two-player mode as well, so it's not only a single-player option. To win, dribble, pass the ball back and forth, and use tiki-taka! You can also practice cool techniques and the best physical kicks over time if you would rather play alone.

Why do you wait? Begin the game now. In Puppet Soccer: Zoo, grab your favorite animal puppet and bring it to the field! Perfect physics, sophisticated ball contact modeling, and endless enjoyment on both ends make this game a surefire hit for families and children alike. It's all about enjoying a fantastic football game; forget about politics!

How To Play

  • To kick the ball, you use the mouse.

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