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Wrestle Jump 2

Wrestle Jump 2 is just another example of the popular wrestling genre in video games. With a unique twist that allows characters to soar and jump about the arena, this game elevates traditional wrestling to a whole new level. The phrase "comes alive with thoughtful care for you" in the game's tagline indicates that players will have an interesting and engaging experience.

The game's idea is straightforward: two characters are standing wrestling on the street when they suddenly start fighting. The objective is to get your opponent to the ground and land on their shoulder blades. The arena's size matching that of the character forms improves the game's visual appeal.

With intricate character models and lively animations that bring the action to life, the graphics are stunning. Excellent sound effects are also included, featuring character-specific moans and groans as they strike. Bright, upbeat music heightens the enthusiasm surrounding the matches.

How To Play

  • 1. Player : M
  • 2. Player W
  • Online : Mouse

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