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Cartoons ChampionShip Golf 2019

A fun golf simulation game, Cartoons Championship Golf 2019 mixes the allure of cartoon graphics with the excitement of competition. As Fox Thomas, a novice player, enters his first tournament, the game follows him.

A golf course will appear on the screen in front of your eyes. It will have a pretty intricate bas-relief, and different items will be set upon it. There will be a hole with a flag at one end. A fox holding a stick will be at the other end. To map the shot on the ball, you must determine its strength and trajectory. As he falls into the hole while still in the air, you will score a specific amount of points.

The visuals of the game are lively and bright, and every hole has a different backdrop and set of obstacles. Players must carefully and strategically negotiate each course, which has flowing streams and rolling hills. Characters and animations in the style of cartoons give the game a lighthearted feel that appeals to players of all ages.

How To Play

  • Use the mouse

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