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Trap The Mouse

The mischievous little mouse in the game Trap the Mouse has devoured all of your cheese. You decide to catch the thief and exact tasty retribution because you are so furious. Your objective in this game is to catch the mouse before it flees.

The mouse will be in the center of a huge carpet made up of numerous hexagons and some pillars before the game begins. The mouse will advance to the next vacant cell each time you click on one to place a pillar. Up until the mouse is caught, repeat the operation. You must accomplish your objective prior to the mouse leaving the mat, or you will lose.

Starting with 20,000 points, as indicated in the top left corner of the screen, the game will be played. You will lose 50 points each time you place a pillar on the playing surface. Can you create an impenetrable trap?

How To Play

utilize a keyboard and mouse.

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