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Doodle Jump

You take control of a creature with four legs that goes by the name "The Doodler" in this high jump version of the Doodle Jump game. Your goal is to get to the highest possible height by jumping up the steps. The game is over as soon as the doodler reaches the bottom of the screen. During the high jump game, you can increase Doodler's speed by jumping on springs or collecting rockets. Both of these actions are optional. Additionally, acquire coins to increase your point total.

In the adventure game Doodle Jump, you leap from one platform to another. By shooting them or evading them, you can avoid obstacles and gather tons of fantastic power-ups. The object of Doodle Jump is to steer and control Doodler, a four-legged critter that resembles a doodle. You'll direct Doodler to continuously hop across a variety of platforms without tumbling. If the only objective of the game was to force the player to dodge dangers like monsters and UFOs, that would be dull. These barriers can be avoided in a variety of ways, such as by shooting them or jumping in a new direction. Keep in mind that the game has no clear conclusion. You'll notice that the Doodler lands near the bottom of the screen at the conclusion of each gameplay session and then leaps upon a monster that spawns randomly there. Other methods include being captured by an alien spacecraft or being sucked into a black hole. That's intriguing, don't you think?

How To Play

Take advantage of the keypad.

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