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Touch Down

Welcome to Touch Down, the American football tournament where our athletes will compete. Its job is to deliver the ball in a straight line while moving it around the court. You need to create a line—a trajectory of movement—to do this. It will be pursued all the way by the hero.

The job will be simple to complete if there are no impediments in your path, but only on the first level; after that, things get considerably trickier. There will be additional players, and a red dotted line will surround each of them in a circle. When you draw the guide, try to avoid hurting her because if you do, the defense will steal the ball from your character.

In this entertaining 3D online game, build a course for your runner to follow in order to score points. Train to boost your stats, your income, and your chance of becoming a GOAT. To raise your daily earnings and break into the professional soccer league, bowl every day.

How To Play

  • Tap or click to interact.

With the help of our constantly growing selection of sports games, feel the excitement of competition like never before. comprising catchy names like Tug of Heads.

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