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Tug of Heads

The Tug of Heads game that offers fun for both one and two players is currently available on our website and just waiting for you to enjoy.  This is a spectacular sport, but there will be too much excitement and not enough spectacle in this match. While playing with a real partner is preferable, if you're unable to find one, play against the computer. To vanquish opponents while maintaining composure is the goal. She is the focal point for Red and Blue, our stick warriors.

Try to put your opponent between his shoulder blades while being careful with your head. Each level has its own set of guidelines and challenges. Fighting is challenging to control. Then there are a variety of pointed instruments for cutting and stabbing that rotate or move in a particular pattern. It will be entertaining, but you must keep an eye on them and your competitors. You'll find our wrestling to be more entertaining than the genuine thing.

The game's more than 50 individually created levels will surprise you. In wrestling, the player's goal is to keep the character's head safe. Every level's game circumstances will vary! This entertaining wrestling game can be enjoyed alone or online. Select the number of sets to play, then begin grappling!

How To Play

  • Player 1: "W,A,D"
  • Player 2: "UP, LEFT, RIGHT ARROW KEYS"

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