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Toca Life World

With Toca Life World, you can play any narrative you want and create your own environment. All the fun from your other favorite Toca Life apps will be available to you. Want to style grandma's hair in a wild way? A sloth to the skate park? or simply spending time with friends? You're right if you believe using the Toca Life app to do whatever you want is entertaining. Everything is possible, and you get to make the decisions. There are more than 100 places, 500 personalities, and 500 pets available to purchase at the Toca Living World store. You can choose to contribute a small or large amount, with costs ranging from low to high.

How To Play

  • Employ the mouse.

Isn't it enjoyable to play this game? We have more thrilling games like Mob Control, so don't stop here! We always want you to have a good time!

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