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Mob Control

Our most recent extremely casual 3D game, which is still available today, is called Mob Control. This innovative game incorporates stick figures, combat, math, shooting, and other elements. Make sure to have more soldiers and defeat them since each red box has a number on it that corresponds to the number of blue stickmen you must send into combat. Sometimes they will send stick people your way as well.

How To Play

To build your army as much as possible so that you can crush the box at each checkpoint, use the mouse to control the cannon and shoot the blue stickmen. You can also shoot them through the portals with multipliers and supplements.

We anticipate, and even expect, that you will have as much fun, if not more, playing this game as we did. We have a long list of games, including Boxing Random, that we hope you'll enjoy. Have a great time, everybody!

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