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Tiny Archer

Tiny Archer, the protagonist of the game, works out frequently to stay in shape, especially before significant competitions. On the territory of the adjacent kingdom, just one of them will occur shortly. Participants are required to run from one target to the next and hit it in accordance with the competition's rules.

Only one shot can be fired at a time, and even if the archer misses, he will still go on to the next target. You must carefully follow the yellow line, and after you have arrived at the right circular target, you must give the order to fire. It will respond in a flash. The hero will initially be given five arrows, but they will be used up if they miss; however, if you keep hitting the target, the arrows will not run out.

A true archer must be resilient and agile in addition to being able to hit the target precisely. Develop your archery skills as you strive to hit the target on each attempt. There are so many things you can try to accomplish.

How To Play

  • Touch to aim, then let go to fire.

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