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Tennis Masters

The newest HTML5 tennis game, Tennis Masters, gives you the chance to play competitive matches against friends or by yourself. If you wish to compete in a tournament, play a quick match with a human opponent, or face the computer, you must first select the appropriate game option. The next choice, which concerns the number of players on the field, allows you to play against the computer or other players in a two-person mode.

A specific region will be visible, with a grid dividing it in half. Your athlete will be on one side, holding a racket. Your opponent will be at the other end of the field. You can play the ball once you receive the signal. His flight route will be altered by your opponent, beating him to you. You must maneuver your athlete and swing the racket using the control keys to hit the ball. Do your best to adjust the ball's trajectory in such a way that your opponent cannot hit it. You will score a goal and earn a point in this manner.

How To Play

  • Player 1: Move with the arrow keys, hit with X, then smash with Z.
  • Player 2: Use the WASD keys to move, L to strike, and K to smash.

With new, intriguing additions like Ski Jump, our category of sports games is growing. Get ready to put your abilities to the test and compete in action-packed battles!

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