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Super Soccer Noggins

A thrilling take on the classic team sport of soccer, Super Soccer Noggins offers players the ability to excel in their own quest for victory. You become the star player in this thrilling game, outwitting and outpacing your rivals to reach the highest level of renown and popularity. You are no longer merely a team member. The objective is always the same, whether you choose to fight against AI-controlled opponents or real-life opponents: score as many goals as you can against your opponent's goal.

This game's gameplay is meant to test your strategic thinking and talents. Since there are only two players on the field at once, each action counts greatly. A helicopter referee's unusual look heightens the suspense as they carefully watch the game from above. This creative feature makes sure that everyone has a fun and equitable experience, encouraging teamwork and healthy competition. Are you prepared to take center stage and showcase your exceptional soccer skills to the world?

How To Play

  • Utilize the space bar and cursor keys.

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