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Stunt Extreme Car Simulator

In the thrilling racing game Stunt Extreme Car Simulator, you can overcome obstacles on several circuits and enjoy incredible driving. You will have to select your car from the available alternatives at the beginning of the game. Begin with a blue VW Polo and quickly accumulate coins to unlock more stylish and powerful vehicles. Then you can find yourself on a street or on tracks that were especially designed. You accelerate when the signal to do so is given.

You will need to move quickly through a variety of obstacles, negotiate abrupt curves, and, of course, jump from trampolines at various heights. You can perform a variety of maneuvers during the leap, each of which will earn you points. Go after what you deserve while remaining on course. In this driving simulator, there are many obstacles and tasks for you to overcome on each level. This game has a total of 45 missions that are sure to keep you busy.

How To Play

Use WASD to navigate, SPACEBAR to brake, and your finest tricks. To activate the nitro booster and quicken your speed, press F. Test your abilities in the time mode or instantly demonstrate your driving prowess on challenging tracks in the test mode.

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