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Fish Gone

It's a very enjoyable and calming game called Fish Gone. Capturing as many fish as you can is the game's objective. Tom, a young man, made the decision to go fishing in the nearby lake after getting up early. You'll get along with him and assist him in catching as many mouthwatering fish as you can. Throw your reel in the air and make an effort to catch as many fish as you can as you ascend. There is a fish there to impede your fishing, so take care. Then take out your weapon and begin firing. Spend your money on formidable weapons, new headwear, and numerous upgrades. Continue fishing until you have access to every fish and weapon.

Your character will be in a boat on the surface of the lake, which you can see in front of you on the screen. He'll be holding a fishing pole. You may see schools of fish coming from the water's bottom. You must cast the fishing rod into the water using the joystick. Make a hook and place it in front of the fish. You can drag it to the surface and place it in the boat once she swallows it. You will receive points for the fish that you catch.

How To Play

Move left and right to catch fish as you climb the structure after tapping the fisherman to drop your reel. Lastly, press to shoot to get money for the fish you captured.

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