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Street Cricket

Greetings and welcome to the game of Street Cricket! The men's buddies made the decision to play cricket, and they didn't require a separate field for it; instead, they used a tiny, grassy meadow. Your hero has made the racket; he will take up bowling. He prepared to hit the ball that his friend, a pitcher, would toss by arming himself with a bat.

To do this, click anywhere on the screen to stop the scale's level from sliding toward the left. The pitcher will then throw the ball, so get ready. Keep an eye on everything and apply pressure so the batsman can turn quickly and reflect the ball. This thrilling game was lost after three misses.

You'll tap the screen to swing the club at the proper moment so that you smash the ball forward after stopping the power meter at the level you wish to utilize for your stroke. you and return it as far as you can. As you pass each level and demonstrate your mastery of cricket, you must hit a specific number of balls. Be careful when you hit that number!

How To Play

  • Tap to hit the shot.

Good luck, and if you think you like this game, check out the other games in our sports category, including Sky Roller Online. Playing more fun, similar games is the best thing you can do after that one!

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