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Sky Roller Online

In Sky Roller Online, you can skate through the sky and clouds. Many young people enjoy roller skating, and you are asked to assist our virtual characters in learning how to move differently. Our virtual characters are also roller skaters. The depicted protagonist has already begun the race and is just waiting for your team to get going. There are a variety of obstacles in front of you that you must maneuver around, spread your legs over, or circle around.

Take command of the game so that the girl's progress through each passage depends only on you. Your objective will be to dodge every impediment in your path to prevent falling off the platform. You'll need to keep your legs apart sometimes and close together at other times. You will gain awards for completing each level, which you can exchange in the menu to purchase new skins or new characters. To avoid obstructions, widen your legs as necessary. Also, be careful not to slide, as that will result in a long fall. Along the way, gather diamonds to boost your score.

How To Play

  • Play with a mouse or a touch device.

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