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Sticky Basket

A little playground, a basket on the backboard, and a ball are all you need to play the game of Sticky Basket. Due to the blocks' stickiness, they will adhere to one another and to the basket. Only blocks that are free from the basket's adhesive can be moved. The objective of the game is to place every block in the basket before the timer expires. There is nothing to distract you from playing the game in the monochromatic color palette, which will appeal to fans of the simple interface. Ten reels are offered at the start. When you click on the athlete, who is on the left, a gray vertical bar will emerge behind him. You can increase the scale by just clicking on the screen. The ball will travel further the higher it is. By placing the appropriate click on the screen, you can specify the flight direction. In Sticky Basket, the basket won't move, but making a shot at it is challenging.

How To Play

  • Use the mouse.

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