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Angry Zombie

In the intense shooter Angry Zombie, you take control of a poor zombie struggling to survive in the midst of a panicked crowd of onlookers during a natural disaster. Although nobody offers Zombie a basketball, he genuinely wants to play basketball. The hero, who is now extremely irate, decides to play Angry Zombie with his own head instead of the ball and urges you to do so. The assignment is to lob the ball into the goal. You must concentrate on the white arrow, which specifies the flight's altitude and direction, in order to accomplish this. On the sub-zombie scale as well. It will be full when pressed, and the more full it is, the harder the hit and the further the ball travels. You can see results by altering these indicators. The koalas lurking amid the crates will be the target of zombie attempts to intervene. In the game Angry Zombie, you can disable them by striking the ball.

How To Play

  • Use the mouse.

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