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Stick Duel : Medieval Wars

The heroes in Stick Duel: Medieval Wars decide to plan fights utilizing armor and weaponry from that era. The competition resembled a knight's tournament in several ways, but the fighters rode tiny carts while standing in place of horses. Long spears were equipped with swords, axes, and other weapons, which added to the inconvenience. Matches can have as many rounds as you'd like, but they can only have five victories. The winner is whoever earns five stars first. Raising the adversary to the point of your spear and star will be sufficient.

The odd forces Stickman runs into give him a headache. It is the enemy's utmost desire to destroy it. You can play this game with your friends, but you must adhere to the rules. The A-D keys or tapping are used to move the player left; the right and left arrow keys or touching are used to move the player right. The game is designed with progressively harder levels. We hope your favorite character helps you have fun playing the game. A wonderful time!

How To Play

  • Player left movement: keyboard A-D or touch
  • Player's right movement: Arrow keys (right and left) or tap

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