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Extreme Golf

In the game Extreme Golf, your skill at hitting the ball will be put to the test. Sports are tests of one's abilities. When the pedestal is damaged and the flag begins to move frequently, our hero, a little man, will find himself in a challenging predicament.

It's difficult to hit a target like that, but if you do, the flag will move again with only one strike. Use the vertical scale on the player's left to change the hit force. Keep in mind that the strike will be very strong if it is fully charged. The scale will start to grow when you click on the golfer; when you release it at the proper moment, the ball will fly toward the target.

With your eight available balls, attempt to rack up as many points as you can. To get points, place the ball in the hole. You lose the ball if you miss the hole. Your score will be displayed on the leaderboard once the ball has expired. In this thrilling online golf game, keep swinging.

How To Play

  • To exert force, touch and hold; to rotate, release.

We are constantly adding new, intriguing games to our Sports Games category, like Pole Vault Jump. Prepare to put your abilities to the test and engage in thrilling bouts!

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