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Jump Ball Jam

Jump Ball Jam is a basketball and fighting game that lets you play against one or two opponents simultaneously. As you try to knock the opponent out with various hits while both of you are in the air, your objective is to toss the ball into the opponent's basket. To boost the force of the throw, press swiftly while controlling your character with the mouse or keyboard. Your objective is to eliminate another player over the course of ten rounds as you both compete for the basketball in the air by using your special abilities and a constrained set of weaponry. To raise your score, you can also employ special techniques like tossing bombs, bomb balls, or fireballs. This game offers hilarious graphics with a variety of characters and settings.

How To Play

  • P1: WASD, space, Z, X, C, V.
  • P2: ARROW, enter, N, M, K, L.

You can also try out Crazy Basket Ball, another fantastic basketball game that will put your talents to the test. Enjoy yourselves while you're out there.

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