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You'll visit the Olympic Games with the game's main character, Sprinter, and participate in a sport like running. At the starting line with his rivals, your hero will be present. All participants will start running on the track as soon as the signal is given. To force your character to reach maximum speed as soon as possible, you must use the control keys. There can be barriers in your path that force you to jump quickly.

Run the 100 meters as quickly as you can to defeat all of your rivals and compete in unimaginable international events. But let's begin with a sweet little student performance. You win the race and receive a medal if you come in first. You must be prepared for the Olympics. How quickly can you run before falling on the tracks? There must be someone out there who is significantly faster than Usain Bolt, who set the world record in under 9.58 seconds. To move your character's feet as quickly as possible, press the keys, then cross your fingers.

How To Play

  • Use the arrow keys to move your foot.

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