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Billiard Golf

Billiard Golf combines golf with billiards on the same course for a billiards-style golfing experience. In actuality, you'll play golf in a billiards-style format. Each level's fields have a unique shape, but they are all covered in fabric, have edges at the edges, and include a hole that can be reached with just one hit. More specifically, regardless of any obstructions in its path, it will take a single, precise hit. Therefore, make sure to target the blow as precisely as you can. The white ball touches the black ball more frequently and travels farther the further you pull it.

Your objective in this easy-to-play game is to hit the ball into the hole. The ball will fly too quickly if you strike it too hard, and you might not be able to hit the hole. Try to achieve the highest score as you compete at different levels. Enjoy this entertaining and difficult golf game while listening to amazing music.

How To Play

  • Release the ball after exerting sufficient pressure by pushing in your direction with a mouse click or finger tap.

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