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Soccer Snakes

Step into the action-packed world of Soccer Snakes, where the speed and skill of snakeswiping meet the thrill of soccer. Picture this: You're invited to join an exciting online experience where snakes have their very own soccer league on this planet.

In this virtual reality experience, you'll be transported to a football field, where you'll face off against an opponent's snake. The aim is to outsmart your opponents and rack up more points than they do. Control your snake as it moves across the pitch, chasing after the ball as it makes its way towards the other team's goal—a straightforward but appealing gameplay mechanic.

A ball is placed in the center of the field to start the contest. You and your opponent will face your first difficulty as you both rush towards it. Your serpent needs to be quick on its feet and nimble so it can seize the ball and launch an assault. To win, you must advance toward the goal by scoring points and advancing the ball into the goal of your opponent. Are you prepared to take the next step toward triumph?

How To Play

Pull the snake out of its cage by tapping or pressing the space bar. Press the up arrow or both sides simultaneously to headbutt the ball with more power, then use the side arrow or side click on touch devices to control your snake.

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