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Tappus Free Kick Challenge

The online game Tappus Free Kick Challenge is highly engaging and will quickly capture your attention. Since the game is a free kick challenge, you must practice your shooting skills against the defensive players who will be seated in a wall between you and the goalkeeper. Choose the finest lines to put the ball in the net, score, and hold onto the ball because you will lose the challenge if you miss too many shots. Every time you play, aim to improve your score.

This game is ideal for you if you enjoy good jobs or football in general. Beautiful graphics and realistic gameplay will make you feel as though you are on the field with your favorite characters. A variety of the well-known TV show's characters are available for selection. Every person has special skills and traits of their own.

How To Play

  • You may aim and adjust the force of your shot using a mouse swipe or drag. If you wish to alter direction, you can make another swipe to curve the ball.
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