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Sky Ski

Join a colorful character on a unique skiing experience in Sky Ski! The snowboarding experience is given a unique spin in this entertaining game. Imagine a small character zooming down a snow-covered hillside while wearing a square TV screen on his head.

The skier's objective is to gather golden bonuses while deftly navigating the fir trees strewn about on the route. You must use the left and right arrow keys to steer the skier safely around the woods as he goes on his own. Skiers down a slope quickly, so speed is crucial.

To maneuver him successfully, you'll need quick reflexes and good observation abilities. A thrilling and lovely game experience is made possible by the icy surroundings, which include tall Christmas trees. The game offers a fun gaming experience with a hilarious idea and quick gameplay. As you steer your skier downward, avoid trees, and get those priceless coins, amuse yourself.

How To Play

  • Arrow Keys / Touch

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