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Tricky Kick - Casual Soccer Game - Joyful Football

The object of the entertaining sports game Tricky Kick - Casual Soccer Game - Joyful Football is to score goals. Every player in a sport like football needs to be able to hit hard and accurately. They thereby improve their talents at each training session. You must take part in one of the exercises and demonstrate your abilities. You'll see the portals before you. The ball will be positioned at a specific distance from them. There will be many items between him and the gate. To strike the ball, you must determine its power and trajectory. If all the factors are considered, you will score a goal and receive points for it.

Its movement is always in one direction, whether left or right, which is not rare. You'll undoubtedly encounter a number of challenges that you must avoid; otherwise, you'll have to restart the level. You can use the points you earn in the menu to buy various ball skins. You must also accomplish a few objectives.  

How To Play

  • Use the mouse

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