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Ski Xmas

Hello and welcome to the fun Ski Xmas game appropriate for the coming winter. While Santa Claus was ascending the mountain to give gifts, an avalanche suddenly descended from the peak. Santa had no choice but to quickly descend the mountainside as huge snowdrifts were pursuing him. Along the road, there will be a number of obstacles, like heaps of firewood, structures, trees, and other items heaped on top of one another. In this enjoyable high-score game, assist Santa in skiing as long as you can.

The hero must be clicked in order for him to dance expertly. You need to gather red present boxes along the way, making sure the goods are concealed inside. The goal is to use your dexterity to sprint as far away from the avalanche as you can while earning the most points possible. As you navigate, grab rails and ramps to make your way down the mountain, upgrade your equipment. To accelerate and go forward, tap when you are in the green zone. In this enjoyable Christmas-themed game, try to achieve a high score to take the top spot on the leaderboard.

How To Play

  • To keep skiing, click or tap at the appropriate moment.

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