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Champions Slot

In the thrilling new game Champions Slot, you will visit a sizable casino to try to win the jackpot there. On the screen in front of you will be a unique game system. There will be three drums with images related to football. There will be a unique table at the bottom where you can place your bets. You must pull the unique handle after placing your bet. This causes the drum to spin. They eventually stop, and specific combinations of the drawings result. You will receive points and be able to place additional bets if they triumph.

With a number of symbols associated with baseball whirling on the reels, this game is vibrant and vivacious. Contains a baseball player, a ball with red stitching, a brown leather glove, two crossed bats, a maroon baseball cap with 'wild' embroidery on the face front, and a number of high card symbols. A baseball diamond with empty stands that is waiting for a crowd can be seen in the background of the clips. With the crowd's cheers, clapping, and hushed comments during each spin, sound effects bring the game to life.

How To Play

  • Use the mouse.

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