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Skateboard Master

You will assist a young man named Jack in the thrilling new game Skateboard Master in his quest to become a master skateboarder by helping him win many tournaments. You will skate and pass the course by controlling your avatar with the mouse and sliding in the desired direction. The track you are skating on is an unending half pipe.

Your character, who is skating forward on the screen in front of you, will be accelerating gradually. He will pass over a variety of obstacles along the way by moving quickly while making moves. On the road, jumps will also be erected. You can jump from them, and the guy will pull off some tricks. He will be assessed according to the game's score.

You should slide over the green speed ramps on the track to move quicker. There are also ramps you can climb to gain an advantage over other competitors. Avoid not just the obstacles but also the red spots because sliding on them will slow you down, and they have arrows opposite the green arrow.

How To Play

  • Use the mouse.

Good luck and all the best as you play this game. Experience more interesting games like Boxing Stars. Happiness can only be found here!

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