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Boxing Stars

You can compete in the boxing world championship in the video game Boxing Stars. You may change the fighter's look from the main menu, and you can also use the money you win from fights to improve his four stats and make him more powerful for you. can beat more powerful foes. You can improve as a boxer and make more money if you win more fights.

You must select your athlete and the nation in which he will compete before the game can begin. Then the screen will show a boxing ring. The game will start when the referee gives the all-clear. You will need to move closer to the adversary and begin throwing a barrage of attacks at them while deftly directing your boxer. You will receive points for accurate hits. Your goal is to win the match and defeat your opponent. You'll also come under attack. As a result, you will need to deflect or block hostile assaults.

How To Play

Using the right and left arrow keys to move, A for the knockout punch, S to deflect an enemy strike, and D for the knockdown punch

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