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Santa Run

In the game Santa Run, you'll assist Santa in recovering the goods that the naughty panda stole. You'll go on an exhilarating journey where you assume the role of Santa Claus, racing down snowy highways, avoiding obstacles, and gathering amazing gifts. 

Look out for sweets, gift boxes, and other surprises that will help you on your journey as you make your way through the winter wonderland. You will gain points for every item you gather, bringing you one step closer to stopping the panda and rescuing Christmas. But exercise caution—there are hazards at every turn that require quick reactions in order to correctly jump or dodge. Can you bring back the spirit of the holidays and save Santa's stolen gifts? Let's put your abilities to the test and brighten and cheer you up! 

How To Play

To play the game, either touch the screen or use the mouse.

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