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Pool Mania

We would like to invite you to a pool competition in the game Pool Mania and have you win it. Instead of playing a straightforward game of pool versus the computer, this game consists of many stages, each of which is more difficult than the last and presents you with a different pool challenge. Your number of attempts is obviously limited for each task, so try not to overdo it or miss it too frequently to avoid having to restart the level.

In front of you, on the screen, there will be a pool table. Billiard balls are displayed on it in various positions. You'll have to tuck them away. You will aim the necessary ball along the dotted line while holding a muscle in your hand. She is in charge of the shot's force and trajectory. When ready, execute. You will successfully pocket the ball and score points if your aim is accurate. You lose the game if you miss.

How To Play

You must aim at the balls of a different color so that they fall into the holes in the table's four corners by moving the stick on the pool table with the mouse and striking the white ball.

We hope that you will stay tuned for more sports games like Skateboard Master. You will never go wrong with what we have on our list of games for you!

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