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Pool 8 Ball

You are welcome to take part in the billiards competition being held tonight at the renowned Pool 8 Ball club. You must select the game's difficulty setting before you can play. This is a contemporary kind of pool that may be played both individually on a timer and communally on the same device. The game follows the same rules as a traditional 8-ball pool.

On the screen, a pool table will appear, with balls placed there to create a specific geometric shape. A white ball will be present at a specific distance. You'll need to hit it with the aid of signals in an effort to place other balls in the pocket. Touch the screen to take a picture.

A distinctive dotted line will then appear, allowing you to see the shot's trajectory. The force pushing against the ball can also be calculated. Hit and hole the ball of your choice when you're ready. You will gain points by doing this.

How To Play

  • Use the mouse.

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