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Golf Solitaire

We have the new Golf Solitaire for people who prefer to spend time playing cards. A playing field with a stack of cards will appear in front of you at the beginning of the game. Below, there will be assistance. It's your responsibility to eliminate the field with the fewest transitions. The quantity of cards left matters because eliminating all of them is the objective. You have won if you are down to your final card.

Look closely at the cards that are now in play. To enlarge the objects, you can drag the cards. You will sort trash by performing these tasks. Draw a card from the helper deck if you are out of alternatives. You will receive points and advance to a harder game level as soon as you clear the entire field of cards. If two players finish the same game, the one who used the fewest moves will be deemed to have the best result in the game because the game also counts the moves you use to know your outcomes.

You can take an inventory card and move it to the trash if there are no cards in the trash can columns. Please be aware, though, that you are only permitted to access the archive once and that you cannot reinstall it.

How To Play

  • Use the mouse.

Get ready to enhance your gaming experience with our new additions to the sports category. From Pong Ball Masters to more dynamic games, we have it all for you!

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