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Play Time - Toy Horror Store

Play Time - Toy Horror Store is an intense horror game to play. You'll come across several fascinating assignments in this game. from surviving, gathering resources, saving lives, locating and eliminating as many Huggy Wuggies as you can, and simultaneously locating the OUT and escaping! There are three different levels of difficulty. Simple, Ordinary, and Hard include three distinct maps. Good fortune. All you have to do is hang on for a while in the dangerous refugee camp full of cuddly elves and zombies.

How To Play

The WASD keys are used to move the characters, the cursor is used to look around, the left click fires, the right click aims, the F key picks up things or interacts, the space key jumps, and the left shift key runs.

Surely you already know everything there is to know to be a top-tier player. We trust that you will act promptly. In addition to Idle Higher Ball, we offer a plethora of other excellent video games. Our sincere hope is that you enjoy yourself!

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