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Idle Higher Ball

One of the first really casual idle games, including basketball in 3D, to be added to our website is Idle Higher Ball. The more meters you gain, the better, and attempt to catch up in the multiplier region, where you need to keep tapping the screen since only when you score enough points at the conclusion of the course will you be able to complete it. stance to advance quickly. The main reason we are now sharing this game with everyone is because you are guaranteed to have a great time playing it from beginning to end, just like we did!

How To Play

To shoot in the air, drag the basketball off its rotation with the mouse, release it, and then drag it again as it picks up speed to shoot farther because of the rings. The circle gradually gets higher, and the farther you get from the sky, the more points you receive.

We wish you luck and encourage you to check out some of the other fantastic games this website has to offer, like Craft World - Building Games. You won't be sorry!

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