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Picker 3D

Picker 3D is a game where you embark on a journey and collect white balls that are distributed along the way. You'll need to demonstrate your agility and quick thinking in this game. You will engage in play on a little semicircular pick-up device. You must stop him from moving forward on his own. Get the most distinct white figures possible along the route.

At the end of the journey, everything will drop into the hole. You can go on after gathering a specific number of metrics. You will have to complete the level again if it is insufficient. You will occasionally come upon a bonus that adds a stake to your choice. Your chances of success will rise by helping you equip as many things as you can.

Imagine a platform covered with tiny balls that are dispersed all over. Your objective is to move a magnet-shaped item as it moves forward, picking up as many balls as you can to proceed to the next level. Do you believe you can get the required sum to open the next gate?

How To Play

  • Use the mouse.

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