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Pong Neon

In the new exciting game Pong Neon, we want to invite you to play a special device in neon pong. On the screen, there will be a playing field filled with objects of different sizes. Below you will see two special levers. On the side, there will be a special piston. With it, you shoot a ball. He will hit objects and thus bring you points. As soon as it goes down, you will have to click on a certain lever with your mouse. So you make him move and hit the ball into the field.

The main task is to prevent the ball from flying off the screen towards you. The first person to score seven goals wins. Instead of rackets, there are regular neon sticks that need to be moved in different directions. The speed of the ball will gradually increase. The more times you defeat him, the faster it will fly. You can win if you are very careful and learn not to miss serves. Don't miss the serve, and then you will win.

How To Play

  • The rackets have been replaced with neon sticks. To control them, the player must first press the A and D buttons and then the arrows.

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