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Paper Fighter 3D

You will be able to take part in it in the video game Paper Fighter 3D. Once you've decided on a character, you'll be in the arena, ready to battle. There will be an enemy character opposite yours. The match will start when the signal comes. Your character will need to approach the adversary and assault him with deft control.

Deliver punches to the enemy's head and torso, pull off challenging acrobatics, and then knock him out after resetting his life bar. As a result, you will prevail in the duel and receive a specific amount of points as compensation.

In 1P mode, you can play against the computer, and in 2P mode, you can play against a human player who is also using the same system. For games where you must win two out of three rounds to win, this is the preferred mode.

How To Play

  • P1: W, A, D, F, G, R.
  • P2: Arrow, K, L, O.

To the best of your ability, I wish you success in this game. Play more games that are as engaging as Fighter Manager. The only place to find joy!

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