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Fighter Manager

The hero of the game Fighter Manager is a young man who works as a manager. In contact sports like boxing, karate, etc., he recruits athletes. You will assist him in doing his job today. Once your team has been formed and you have completed your run, Join forces with your adversaries to win more of the five fights and give your army more strength than theirs. Get to the next team level, where you'll have to assemble a fresh squad of warriors and take on even tougher foes.

The route your character will take under your direction will be displayed to you on the screen. You can force the hero to dodge several hazards and traps that will obstruct his progress by using the joystick. Various locations along the road will have piles of cash. It will be up to your hero to gather them all. You must sprint over to an athlete who is in the middle of a workout and touch him. If you have enough cash, you can employ him, and he will go looking for you.

How To Play

  • Move your manager through the various levels using the mouse.

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