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Mortal Cage Fighter

In the video game Mortal Cage Fighter, players can compete in street fights with no set of rules and claim the title of champion. Win by fighting your way to the top in this game of street combat. Attack with a kick or punch. Remain at the block. Overcome your adversaries to catch them off guard.

On the screen in front of you, you will see a specific location where your combatant will be. The opponent will be set back by a specific amount. The duel will start when given the signal. You will need to make contact with your enemy. You'll use a variety of methods and hit it with both your hands and feet.

To defeat your opponent is your goal. You will prevail in the duel if this occurs. Your adversaries will follow suit. As a result, you will need to parry or block assaults. Use the character-specific special abilities you've selected once your power bar is full. The best of three rounds determines the winner. Will you one day rule all fighters?

How To Play

  • In this game of street fighting, defeat your opponents. Observe the game's instructions to play.

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