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Mini Golf Adventure

A lot of playing time is provided along with amazing sights in Mini Golf Adventure. Put the ball in the hole, but be careful—danger is around every corner! For anyone looking for an engaging, enjoyable, and rewarding casual game, it's a fantastic experience. A nation of amusing dwarf mice made the decision to hold contests in a sport like golf. We will support the dwarf that wants to win this game since they are competitive.

A hole will suddenly emerge in front of him, and he must score a ball there. He will position himself a set amount away from the hole. To click on the screen, you must first determine the ball's trajectory and impact force. When you shoot the ball with a toga, all the stones that will eventually fall into the hole are collected. You may practice, compete with friends, or just have fun with Mini Golf Adventure. Become the best player ever in mini golf right now

How To Play

  • Arrow keys and spacebar

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