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Head Football

A fun head football game, Head Football features solid AI for the opponents as well as nice visuals. You will visit the nation where the rich and famous reside in this compelling game. There will be competition today in this world for a sport like football. You can take part in these contests. You first pick a player for yourself and the nation he will represent on the field. The football pitch will then be in front of you. Your athlete will be at one end of the line, while the enemy will be at the other. The ball will appear in the field's center when the signal is issued.

You must move quickly and attempt to possess your hero while in control of him. Then, in order to hit the target, you must defeat your opponent and travel a set distance. The ball will fly into the net if your aim is on target, giving you a goal. The soccer game will be won by the first competitor. Your football stadium and AI difficulty are both customizable. Head Football will now provide for a fantastic soccer experience!

How To Play

  • Use the mouse.

Experience the adrenaline rush as you immerse yourself in our sports category. With new games like Pixel Skate added regularly, The fun never ends!

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