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Craft World - Building Games

An unlimited cubic planet serves as the setting for Craft World - Building Games, a sandbox building and survival simulator. where you design your own journeys! Obtain resources and transform them into instruments and building pieces. Build different homes out of the more than 300 unique blocks available, adorn the rooms with a variety of furnishings and decorations, cultivate crops, go fishing, go hunting, and take in the stunning view of the voxel world!

How To Play

  • WASD Block Mine: Right Click Place Block: Left Mouse Inventory: Q. Action: E Flight mode: F Change camera: R Hide interface: H

Surely you know everything there is to know about the game to excel at it. Therefore, we anticipate your prompt action. In addition to Dress Up Girls, we also offer many other exciting video games. My sincere hope is that you enjoy yourself!

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