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In the amusing video game Hugie Wugie Runner, you will assist Huggy Waggi in mastering the bicycle. You will see your figure on the screen in front of you, seated at the handlebars of a bicycle. When there is a signal, Huggy will begin pedaling and pushing forward on the road in a mountainous location, advancing gradually. Your hero will fly over the hills at a high rate of speed before descending from them if you pay close attention to the screen. Hugie Wugie flees from everyone, but he has to gather batteries so that he can recharge. He needed the best player to complete the task because difficulties were piling up in the mountains. It's your responsibility to assist the hero in maintaining his balance and avoiding falling off the bike. You will lose the round and have to restart the Hugie Wugie Runner level if this continues to occur.

How To Play

  • Use the mouse.

Play Handstand Run to go on a new adventure if you want to test your mettle in yet another thrilling race!

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