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We wish to welcome you to take part in some really intriguing races in Handstand Run. To maintain your balance on the obstacles and avoid falling, you will need to control how your body tilts. You can see the starting line where your hero will stand on the screen in front of you. His rival will be close by. Your hero will start to move forward at the signal and pick up speed as he moves his hands. You will need to expertly direct the hero to conquer the numerous challenges and traps he will encounter on the road by paying great attention to the screen. Additionally, he will need to gather numerous artifacts that are strewn across the road as he travels. You will receive points for each item you pick up, and your hero may also be eligible for a variety of upgrade prizes. To win the race, your goal is to defeat the opposition and cross the finish line first.

How To Play

  • Use the mouse.

Check out Grand Nitro Formula and have fun if you like this entertaining platform game.

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